Compiere MRPII-DP plans to be fully integrate with Compiere.
It is a MRP system to integrate company-wide resources and also has complete and detailed Pegging for all requirements.
Fully integrates DRP, MRP, MPS, CRP, and discrete or continous process.

That is a different point of view of a Manufacturing Resource Planning system,

1- it integrates company-wide resources with MRP, i.e. sales orders, sales plans, work orders, purchase orders, and material requirements are fully related one to each other in exact quantities and dates.
2. it integrates in only one view, and only one computing process, DRP, MRP, MPS and CRP, and manufacturing or repetitive process (something o that could be enabled or disabled via parameters)
3- The demands could be: the firm Sales Orders in the system, the Master Planning data or freezed Work Orders. All that sums the total demand and will compute the final MRP. (enable or disable it with parameters)
4- gives a detailed Pegging for quantities and dates to all requirements, each time the MRP is computed the Pegging for each requirement is saved automatically and after the Pegging is displayed in the programs, (interactive or listings), giving the exact quantity of materials and tasks to do for each demand.
    For a Manufacturing enterprise with complex needs the detailed Pegging of requirements is very important, and now will see that interactively with that MRP system.
    Now "get the right materials to the right place at the right time" and "do the right jobs at the right time" will be fully true.